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When COVID-19 occurred in 2020, a team of 5 volunteer professionals from the film and music industries initiated a TV program “Creative World” on the locally popular KXLA channel in Los Angeles. The first episode was aired on September 6th, 2020, and Season 3 is scheduled to start on September 4th, 2022.


The concept of the TV show is to encourage young people to live their life positively, and we brought celebrities and extraordinary talents to the show to share their success stories with our audience. Many people were motivated, inspired, and willing to take the next move into the media or entertainment fields. We received a significant number of responses from young people who dreamed of building a professional career but lacked the fundamental skills and funds necessary to do so.

We realized the need to develop a specific program that empowers youth to turn their dreams of making their career aspirations a reality.


To take a step further on our mission, we started an internship program in April 2021. Then, in January 2022, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Institute for Education Research, and Scholarships became our fiscal sponsor for "TC & FAM Beyond for Education".


Through "TC & FAM Beyond for Education", students can learn, experience, and earn professional working credits on TV shows, commercials, and short films. Every production work we receive plays a role to help our students to turn their dreams into reality. 


Our goal is to hire more industry professionals as teachers and mentors and to purchase enough devices, software licenses, and other tools for our students to develop the skills they need to succeed in their careers. Our free education program relies on the generous support of family, friends, community members, viewers, and people just like you.


Collaboration with local schools and universities,  non-profit organizations, and support including in-kind donations from your employers is much appreciated. 


If you live in greater Los Angeles, please check out our weekly TV show “Creative World” on the KXLA channel. Our archived contents are viewable from anywhere in the world on the YouTube channel


Utilizing TV and archiving on YouTube is a great advantage to our students as their projects can be recognized by many. We aim to create a program that grows and evolves with our students, and we hope to help many talents to archive their dreams.

~ TC & FAM Beyond for Education ~

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