"TC & FAM Beyond for Education" is a project created by TC Studio LLC with 15 years of experience in the Hollywood entertainment world, and FAM Beyond+ with over 25 years of experience working closely with large production companies, artist agencies, and advertising agencies. Through the program, we teach all the essential processes and techniques of TV productions and filmmaking to those who are interested in the film and media industries.


In September 2020, TC Studio LLC and FAM Beyond+ launched a TV program “Creative World” on the locally popular KXLA TV channel in Los Angeles, which has the second-largest population in the US. 


As the Pandemic has affected everyone around the world, many people are uncertain about their future, especially the young generations. The TV show introduces successful people from various industries as well as the diamonds in the rough. Through their experiences and messages, we hope to encourage the viewers and young generations to take steps toward their dreams. 


In April 2020, we started an internship program to help young people to learn the essential filmmaking processes and techniques, including cinematography, lighting, editing, directing. 


Now, we have joined the IFERS family to expand our vision. Besides teaching the essential filmmaking techniques, our internship provides opportunities to experience and be a part of a team to create TV shows and other projects as well as a chance to receive working credits to help them achieve their goals.


The TV show “Creative World” is viewable from anywhere in the world via YouTube:




Utilizing TV and archiving on YouTube is a great advantage to have our project with interns to be recognized by many.


We aim to create a program that grows and evolves with our students, and we hope to help many talents to archive their dreams.